Best Leather Exporter


At Imperial Leather Finishers Pvt. Ltd. (ILF), finished leather and leather products are designed with the quality and pride that have made us the world-wide leader in leather world. Right from the date of our inception in 1970, we have earned a distinct reputation for our premium quality finished leather and leather products in the national and as well as international markets.

Leather is one of nature's highly aesthetic materials. It offers comfort and durability in a variety of beautiful finishes, prints, textures and colours. It has been an item of great prestige throughout history and will come to be so in to the future. Leather is fashionable and has a status appeal. It is renowned for its tear strength and wear ability.


We are a company of dedicated professionals who take enormous pride in our work and in providing the best service to our customers at all times.

  • Sharp Finished leather
  • Excellent Leather Products
  • Industrial Boots / Army Boots
  • Shoe Uppers and Soles
  • Kids Shoes and Casual Shoes


Our production flexibility is such that we can meet the needs of designers as well as large-scale traders and importers.